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AMH - Anti-Mullerian Hormone

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One of the key fertility tests we might recommend at Repromed is an AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) test.

What is Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)?

As a woman runs out of eggs, the number of these small antral follicles decline in number and as a result the serum Anti-Mullerian Hormone falls.

What is Ovarian Reserve?

Ovarian reserve is the term used to describe the number of good quality eggs left within a woman’s ovaries.

Why is Ovarian Reserve assessment important?

Women with diminished ovarian reserve have diminished fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage.
It is important to identify these women early on so that they can make decisions on when to start having a family and when to access assisted reproductive technology if required.

Click here to read Professor Tremellen‘s Human Reproduction paper (published in 2014) which outlines how ovarian reserve testing can assist a woman with her reproductive life planning.

Who should have Ovarian Reserve testing?

Women under the age of 38 years who are considering delaying pregnancy, women with a family history of ovarian failure, autoimmune disease, chemotherapy or previous surgery to the ovaries are all well suited to ovarian reserve testing.

What is the cost of Ovarian Reserve testing?

Medicare does not cover the cost of the AMH measurement. Therefore, the cost of a single Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is $100.00.

At what time in the menstrual cycle should AMH be taken?

Unlike serum FSH, Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels fluctuate very little during the menstrual cycle and therefore can be taken at any time during a normal menstrual cycle. However being on hormonal contraception can reduce AMH results slightly.

How do I arrange for Ovarian Reserve testing?

Patients can be referred for a serum Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) by requesting an AMH on a Repromed pathology request form or on their preferred pathology providers request form and ask for it to be sent to Repromed in Adelaide.

Request forms can be sent out to doctors’ rooms by contacting Repromed on

How do I get the results?

The results of the AMH tests are sent back to the referring doctor. We do not release results directly to patients. The quickest way to get results is to include a fax number on the request form. There can be a week’s delay in the release of results as often bloods are only sent weekly from external laboratories.

What can be done if a woman is found to have low Ovarian Reserve?

The only effective therapy is for women to bring forth their plans to start a family. If a woman has low ovarian reserve and has not conceived within six months of trying then we would also suggest you refer the patient to Repromed for an early investigation for ‘infertility’.  If a severe male factor is identified at this point, then early referral for IVF may assist a conception.

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