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Egg Timer Test


The Egg Timer test estimates Ovarian Reserve – the number of quality eggs left within the ovaries. This gives an indication of the likely fertility status of a woman. The test involves a single blood test and pelvic ultrasound scan between days 3 to 5 of the menstrual cycle. The blood test measures levels of several different hormones, and combined with the scan result gives an estimate of the Ovarian Reserve.

Why have this test?

Many women delay starting a family for various reasons. However, fertility declines with age and problems may develop. An early indication of fertility status may help in deciding whether to start a family sooner or later.

What if your Ovarian Reserve is low?

Once the ovary runs out of eggs, the body isn’t able to produce any more, and it usually leaves the lowest quality eggs till last. Even IVF treatment will not dramatically improve fertility if there are only a few poor quality eggs left within the ovaries. If you are in a relationship and have a low ovarian reserve, the best option is to go ahead and try for children as soon as possible. If a woman does undergo premature menopause, using donor eggs is a viable option that is available through Repromed.

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