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Egg Freezing

Your in depth guide to egg freezing by some of Australia’s leading experts at Repromed.

Age 25 – 30

It’s important to begin the discussion with your doctor if you’re concerned about your future fertility for whatever reason. We know that fertility declines with age, so ultimately the younger you freeze your eggs the better.

Age 31 - 38

Early – mid 30s is the most common age that women decide to freeze their eggs. Evidence shows that there is a really sharp decline in fertility when you reach the age of 35, so it’s important to have the conversations early so you’re prepared with a plan to preserve your fertility.

Age 39+

By the time a woman reaches 40, the chance of getting pregnant naturally is around 5% each month. It would be wise to have a conversation with your doctor about some other options if egg freezing isn’t deemed suitable. This might be by looking to start your family now with the help of donor sperm.


Monash IVF World First

In 1983 Monash IVF (of which Repromed is a part of) was responsible for the first birth from a frozen/thawed embryo and since this time there have been further significant advances in the cryopreservation techniques of eggs.

Meet Emily

She shared her egg freezing
journey with us.

Have you always known you wanted to have children one day?

Always. I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to be a mother and have a family of my own but I always kind of knew deep down that I would be an older mum. I was driven in high school and really focused on my education. I wanted to go to university and also travel the world, this was important to me and a priority. I also grew up understanding that fertility is not something that should be taken for granted. So I feel I knew from early on that age, health and lifestyle are important factors when starting a family.