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Using Donor Sperm

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For some, creating a family is only possible with the use of donor sperm.

With Repromed, there are 3 types of donor sperm available for patients, these are:

  • Clinic recruited sperm donors
  • Known sperm donors
  • International clinic recruited sperm donors

Clinic Recruited Donor Sperm

Repromed are active in recruiting healthy men who wish to help others by becoming a donor. They must be aged between 21-45 years old and be willing to comply with state legislation.

They are unpaid for their donations and donors must consent to their information being released to any donor conceived children in the future.

Although clinic recruited donors are often referred to as “anonymous” donors, identifying donor information can be accessed by donor conceived children (or their parents) at a time in the future.

Known Donor Sperm

This is when a man who is known to the individual or couple agrees to be a sperm donor – usually exclusively.

Before proceeding with sperm donation program, your Fertility Doctor will discuss the entire process with you and clarify what your options are.

Donor sperm can be used as part of an insemination or IVF treatment. Your Fertility Doctor will be able to assist you in deciding your best treatment option.

International clinic recruited sperm donors

Repromed as part of the Monash IVF group have access to one of the world’s largest banks of sperm donors via California Cryobank (CCB).

At California Cryobank, donor applicants must meet strict health, education, height, weight and medical requirements before they are even considered to be a part of the donor program. This includes repeated specimen quality tests, physical examination, communicable disease testing, genetic testing, psychological screening and criminal background checks.

With California Cryobank, International donors are specifically selected for our Australian donor program and therefore comply with all Australian legislative requirements.

Using International donor sperm for your treatment is a viable option, please discuss your options with your Fertility Doctor.

To book an appointment, please contact our fertility nurses on (08) 8333 8111.

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