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At Repromed we recognise that you may be experiencing intense feelings and stress during any stage in your treatment, from initial contact to becoming a parent. We are committed to providing you with a team approach to help you cope as effectively as possible and an integral part of our team at Repromed is our counsellors.

Seeing a Counsellor one-on-one can help you address issues that are specific to you and your journey.

Counselling for individuals and couples can offer help in coping with medical treatments, the uncertainty of the outcomes, as well as helping to dealing with family, friends, work and the fertile world.

Our Counsellors are tertiary qualified social workers with considerable experiences and skills and have specialised knowledge in the field of infertility and reproductive grief and loss.

Assisting patients through physiological guidance and care, all within an independent and confidential framework, our counselling services are provided free of cost for our patients.

Impacts of Infertility Treatment

Infertility is a medical condition which affects one in six couples. It can affect every part of a person or couple’s life – and may challenge the way you feel about yourself, your relationship with others, your work and your outlook on life.

Fewer situations in life are as demanding and overwhelming as fertility treatment, however despite the growing number of people needing medical intervention to conceive, it can be a time of extreme isolation.

Patients often express a sense of loss of control over their lives and feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Often these feeling are expressed as anxiety, grief, frustration and anger.

We strongly believe in caring for your emotional health as well as your physical wellbeing, that is why at Repromed our counselling services are free for our patients.

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