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World Class Facilities


Repromed is the only IVF unit in South Australia with its own purpose-built day surgery and laboratories on-site giving us total quality control of our facilities.

Day Surgery Unit

The Repromed Day Surgery Unit is built for convenience and comfort; with our patients’ needs at the heart. Conveniently located for patients on-site at the Dulwich clinic, our day hospital is part of our continued commitment to excellence in service delivery, safety and quality.

Every element of this world-class day hospital has been thoughtfully designed based on patient insights. We’ve thought about every moment of your journey, every requirement of a clinic and day hospital. Every space has a defined purpose to complement your clinical care.

Patients who require any surgical treatments are looked after by our fully qualified and experienced team who operate to the highest standards to ensure quality patient care. Repromed had less than a 0.5% infection rate in the last year.

As part of the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS) current edition, the unit also engages the valuable input of patients, providing partnerships that contribute to the continual improvement of patient-centred care services, safety and quality, evaluation and improvements.

The experience of treatment at our Dulwich Day Hospital includes:

  • World-class theatre facilities designed with premium patient experience in mind
  • Delivered to achieve an empathetic, empowering and consistent experience throughout the patient journey


Repromed has made significant investments in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and laboratory systems across our clinics. This investment reflects our continued focus on quality control and quality assurances. We continue to investigate and invest in equipment as part of our commitment to improving success rates and outcomes for patients.

Our labs perform in-house Semen Analysis using a state-of-the-art computer assisted system, resulting in our patients obtaining their results faster and with greater consistency compared to traditional methods. Our labs are the first in South Australia and the Northern Territory to verify and adopt this new technology.

Repromed is also the first clinic in Australia to introduce Piezo ICSI, a different technique used to insert a single sperm into an egg. For patients who require this technology it can result in an improvement in the number of embryos suitable for freezing.(Furuhashi, K et al., 2019 and Zander-Fox, D et al., 2021).

We have also commenced introducing time-lapse technology into our laboratories – a type of incubation for embryos. We are also proud that majority of our tests are carried out in-house using the latest techniques and best practice methods. For example, Repromed was the first – and still only – clinic in South Australia to offer on-site Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) on embryos.

PGT allows IVF scientists to confirm that the correct genetic material (number of chromosomes) is present in an embryo being transferred. PGT is also an option for patients at an increased risk of passing a chromosome abnormality or specific genetic disorder on to their children. Patients choose PGT for many reasons, including repeat implantation failure, repeat miscarriage, an objection to termination of pregnancy, or loss of a child from a genetic disease. Repromed is proud to offer PGT via our on-site Genetics Lab.

Our dynamic team of scientists are highly skilled in embryology, genetics and andrology. They are dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for you and are always innovating and improving processes to do so.

For more information about our scientific program – visit ‘Our Science‘ page.

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