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When infertility prevents a couple from falling pregnant or a medical reason underlies the female partner’s ability to successfully carry a pregnancy to term, motherhood may still be possible thanks to the generosity of Australian women who are willing to become surrogates.

Surrogacy is a very lengthy and complex process that needs to comply with specific legislation. The guiding principles of South Australia’s Family Relationships Act 1975 state that the well being and best interests of the child, born as a result of a surrogacy arrangement are paramount. If not handled correctly, surrogacy can provide a number of risks including disputes regarding parentage of the child. All parties must obtain independent legal advice before entering into a surrogacy arrangement.

The intended parent(s) must find their own surrogate – Repromed are legally unable to assist in arrangement of a surrogate.

If you would like further information and/or a confidential phone consultation regarding your eligibility of accessing our Surrogacy Program simply contact Repromed on 08 8333 8111 or fill in the below enquiry form.

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