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Donating Sperm


Becoming a Sperm Donor

Are you interested in giving the gift of life? Would you like to make a difference?

Becoming a sperm donor is a sincere act of generosity as some people are simply unable to start a family without the use of donor sperm.

If you have experienced as a parent the joy children can bring, maybe you want to pass this opportunity on to others. Perhaps having children is not for you, but you would like to help others start their family. If this is the case then, becoming a sperm donor might be for you.

Becoming a sperm donor does not cost anything or have any ongoing financial obligations (all costs associated with your donation – doctor’s appointments, lab analysis, counselling, blood tests, storage of your donation, are all covered by Repromed) however this act will have a lifelong effect for some families.

Who can become a Sperm Donor?

Our sperm donors need to:

  • be aged between 21-45 years
  • consent to the release of identifying information to any future donor-conceived children (from 18 years old)
  • agree to comply will all relevant laws
  • undertake infectious and genetic screening tests
  • undergo counselling
  • provide a genetic family medical history
  • understand their sperm donations are selfless (act of generosity, they will not be paid)

Important points:

  • Donors do not remain anonymous. Under many state laws a person born from donation has the right to obtain identifying information (like name, date of birth and address) about their donor once they are 18 years old or from a younger age if the child proves sufficient maturity or if their parent(s) apply and the donor consents.
  • Donors are allowed to donate to a friend. Known sperm donors are those who know the individual or couple and go through the donor process with their recipients.
  • Sperm donors are allowed to find out if any children have been born from their donations. Donors can receive non-identifying information about children born from their donation – including the gender of the child and any birth abnormalities.
  • Sperm donors have no financial or legal responsibility for children conceived.
  • Sperm donors are not paid for their donation. In Australia, becoming a sperm donor is a selfless act – which means one of the main motivating factors is to help other people. It is illegal to profit from a sperm donation but you can be reimbursed for certain costs involved.
Questions? Chat with a Fertility Nurse on 08 8333 8111 or fill out the enquiry form »

Steps to becoming a Sperm Donor

Counselling – You must have at least 2 counselling sessions prior to becoming a sperm donor. These counselling sessions are mandatory, and you will have an opportunity to talk about the law and what becoming a sperm donor means for you, your family and any future donor-conceived children. If you have a partner, we strongly encourage them to attend both sessions with you.

Testing – You need to provide a sperm sample for a Semen Analysis. You must not ejaculate for 2-5 days before the test. After your test, your Repromed Fertility Doctor will discuss your results with you. You will also have a blood test for infectious and genetic screening.

Medical appointment – You will have an appointment with a Fertility Doctor to discuss your medical history and your suitability to be a sperm donor.

Donations – A member of our Donor Team will help you with appointments for your donations. Approximately 10 donations are required.

Quarantine – Your sperm is frozen and quarantined for 3 months after your last donation. At the end of the quarantine period, you will be required to have one last blood test.

Your profile (and your sperm) then becomes available for recipients or your known recipient.

If you would like to assist others in achieving their dream of starting a family or would like to access our Donor Program, please contact Repromed’s Donor Team on (08) 8333 8111 or fill out the enquiry form below for more detailed information and a confidential phone consultation regarding your eligibility of becoming a donor.

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