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Oncology Related Treatment


At Repromed we understand how distressing a diagnosis of cancer can be. However, many cancers have a very good prognosis therefore it’s important to look beyond the treatment period.

For someone who has been diagnosed with cancer their plans for the future may include starting a family. Some cancer treatments have side effects that may impact fertility. It’s important in such circumstances that fertility preservation options are considered in order to ensure you are given the best possible chance of maintaining your fertility into the future. It’s also important to see a Fertility Doctor prior to starting treatment – at Repromed we can arrange emergency appointments in such instances.

At Repromed our Fertility Doctors work closely with your Oncology Team to put in place a tailored fertility preservation strategy that is timely, safe and provides you the best chance of preserving your fertility until a future time when you may be ready to start your family.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) is a technique whereby eggs are frozen soon after egg collection and before insemination. Egg freezing provides an option to women who are at risk of losing their reproductive potential due to medical conditions such as cancer and its treatment. Learn more about egg freezing.

Sperm Freezing

If you are receiving treatment for a serious medical condition, such as cancer, that may permanently damage your testes and their ability to produce sperm, you may wish to store your sperm at Repromed. Sperm can be frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees centigrade.

Embryo Freezing

If you already have a life partner, it is possible for you to go through IVF treatment and freeze your embryos which are produced using your eggs and your partner’s sperm. The advantage of embryo freezing is that it is a well established procedure, and hundreds of thousands of babies have been born from frozen embryos. The success rate of using frozen embryos is similar to that of using fresh embryos.

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