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Our Science


Repromed has an active and successful research and development program.

Our Scientists and Doctors have made major contributions to the global knowledge regarding the causes of and treatments for infertility issues. These contributions have had positive real impacts for our patients such as:

  • Development of embryo glue culture media, giving you a higher chance of a successful pregnancy outcome
  • Development of the male fertility pill ‘Menevit’ to assist in the creation of healthy sperm
  • Development of the Egg Timer Ovarian Reserve Test (AMH), which is now widely used by many IVF clinics in Australia
  • World-leading research into the impact of lifestyle issues on fertility

Repromed Scientists have also been at the forefront of developing and/or adopting many cutting edge techniques which have benefited our patients. Extended Embryo Culture, Vitrification, High Magnification Sperm Selection, Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test are but to name a few.

Repromed laboratories were the first in the country to offer Ovarian Reserve Testing in 2004 and the first lab world wide to offer the fully automated Roche AMH Assay clinically.

Our labs also perform in-house Semen Analysis using a state-of-the-art computer assisted system – resulting in our patients obtaining their results faster and with greater accuracy. Repromed’s labs are the first in the state to verify and adopt this new technology.

Similarly, Menevit, the male fertility pill was invented by Repromed’s Professor Tremellen and developed in collaboration with Bayer Australia. Menevit has been shown in research studies conducted at Repromed (Menevit trial and the ADAM study) to reduce sperm DNA damage and boost IVF pregnancy rates.

We are proud that all of our tests are carried out in-house using the latest techniques and best practice methods. For example, Repromed was the first – and still only – clinic in SA to offer Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) on site. PGT allows our scientists to assess IVF embryos for specific genetic defects (like Cystic Fibrosis) prior to its transfer into the uterus, whereas PGT allows our scientists to confirm the correct genetic material (number of chromosomes) is present in an embryo before being transferred. The presence of extra or missing chromosomes may explain an embryo’s failure to establish or maintain a pregnancy. PGT may assist couples with;

  • repeated IVF failure
  • recurrent miscarriage
  • a known chromosome rearrangement (known as a chromosome translocation)
  • gender selection for a medical reason
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