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How we’re improving our success rates

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Our highly experienced scientific team have been undertaking a broad range of initiatives to ensure the continuous improvement of our success rates.

We believe our patients deserve transparency about success rates and how we’re making improvements within our organisation.

Our continuous improvement plans and the evolution of our scientific protocols has led us to observing incremental improvements every year in clinical pregnancy rates across our clinics.

Initiatives to improve success rates

Group Scientific Advisory Committee

Repromed, part of the Monash IVF Group, introduced a Group Scientific Advisory Committee (GSAC) to ensure the implementation of best practice scientific policies across the group. This committee, comprised of five highly experienced Scientific Directors was integral to implementing The Monash IVF Way across each of our clinics. The Monash IVF Way ensures alignment and improvement of laboratory protocols based on best practice. GSAC is also responsible for internally benchmarking our clinics, harnessing best practice, and rolling out new technologies across the Monash IVF Group.

Investment in laboratory equipment

Repromed made significant investments in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and laboratory systems across our clinics. This investment reflects our continued focus on quality control and quality assurances. We continue to invest in world-class equipment as part of our commitment to improving success rates and outcomes for patients.

Laboratory reviews

We regularly conduct comprehensive, end-to-end laboratory reviews. These reviews allow us to assess how our laboratories are running, and make improvements as required. As part of our laboratory reviews, we complete education and knowledge assessments for the entire scientific workforce. This allows us to implement training and professional development for our people to ensure best practice is followed.

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