Kevin Lam

BBiomedSc., MBiotech.
Embryology Lab Coordinator

Kevin Lam is the Embryology Coordinator at Repromed and has been a fertility scientist since 2006. He is a highly qualified medical/pathology scientist and clinical embryologist. After completing his Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Science at the University of South Australia, Kevin furthered his study and completed his Master Degree in Biotechnology through the Flinders University with his research project focusing on the study of the extracellular domain of the neurotrophin receptor p75(NTR). In addition Kevin has also completed a vocational training and assessment course where he has a specific interest in staff training and competency assessment.

Kevin has a strong interest in laboratory management and optimizing laboratory procedures and is the coordinator of one of the largest embryology laboratories within the Monash IVF Group. In addition Kevin is also passionate about patient care and ensuring optimal patient outcomes and is still a practicing embryologist working daily in the laboratory alongside his team of scientists.

In addition due to his extensive experience and qualifications in staff training, Kevin is responsible for training embryologists and assessing competencies in Repromed as well as within the Monash IVF Group and has an international profile in training staff to perform embryo biopsy and cell transfer.

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