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Egg Freezing Cost

What is the cost to freeze your eggs?

In Australia, Medicare provides a rebate for fertility treatments if there is a medical need for the treatment. If you’re choosing to freeze your eggs for non-medical reasons, you won’t be eligible to receive Medicare assistance for your egg freezing treatment cycle.

Costs may vary depending on your individual circumstances. Your first step is to consult with a fertility doctor to discuss whether egg freezing is an appropriate treatment option for you.

Contact our team on 08 8333 8111 (in SA) or 08 8945 4211 (in the NT) to discuss what costs might be involved if you decide to freeze your eggs.

Meet Emily

She shared her egg freezing journey with us.

How did you approach the costs involved?

How can you put a value on the chance to have a biological child? This is what I kept telling myself. It can be expensive, but it was also really important to me. It may be expensive for me now in my current life-stage, but I hope looking back when I’m 60 it will seem like small change! I rationalised it by saying that people borrow a little ‘extra’ on their home loans for whatever reasons all the time.

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