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De-Bunking some of the Myths about IVF


Myth: IVF is the only solution for fertility issues
Fact: False, it is one of many fertility treatment options. Repromed provide many other less invasive fertility treatments including cycle tracking, Ovulation Induction (OI), Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Myth: IVF is going to cost approx $15000
Fact: False, at Repromed you can expect to pay approximately $2400 out of pocket for a standard IVF cycle. Repromed also has payment plans available. We have a dedicated finance team to assist, and can also help you access your superannuation to pay for treatment through a provider called SuperCare.

Myth: I am going to need lots of time off work
Fact: False, Repromed understands that fertility treatment can at time be time intensive. However we have early morning blood taking services in Dulwich, Mawson lakes and Clovelly Park to assist with fitting treatment in around your lifestyle and work commitments. On a standard IVF cycle you can expect to only need one day off work on the day of egg collection. Most patients are comfortable enough to return to work the next day. Other commitments may include an initial 45min appointment (We have after hour’s clinics on Monday and Wednesday evening and Saturday mornings and offer phone and Skype consults), two to three 30 minute scan appointments and attend an embryo transfer.

Myth: The medication is going to make me really moody
Fact: On a standard IVF cycle women take medication to assist with the production of egg follicles. This medication is known as FSH. As the follicles increase in size and number some women report an increase feeling of bloating and pre menstrual tension. It is the follicles themselves that release the hormones that some women report a feeling of moodiness. The good news is, by the time this potential change in mood accumulates it is only a few days until all the eggs are collected and the side effects usually subside.

Myth: I am more likely to have twins or triplets
Fact: Australian IVF Units have led the world in introducing single embryo transfer in order to minimise the incidence of multiple births. At Repromed less than 5% of our pregnancies are twins.

IVF units mandate single embryo transfer in all patients over the age of 38 years as there is an increased incidence of obstetric complications and post-natal health complications in babies from multiple births.

Myth: IVF is covered by your Private Health Insurance
Fact: If you have private health insurance this can help to reduce the costs associated with IVF treatment by covering day hospital expenses not covered by Medicare. The level of private health insurance which you hold will affect the level of cover patients receive for these admissions. We strongly advise patients to contact their health fund to seek advice about benefits, waiting periods and eligibility.

Myth: I live in the country so can not do IVF
Fact: False, Repromed regularly visits Berri, Mount Gambier, Mount Barker, Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. The average number of visits required to Adelaide for treatment in an IVF cycle is two. All blood tests and scans can be performed locally with providers Repromed has arrangements with. Repromed can also help country patient’s access government funding if they are required to travel more than 100km to seek treatment.

Myth: IVF is the same thing no matter which clinic I go to
Fact: False, There is quite a variance in the success rates of clinics. You should be looking for a clinic that has a proven history, proven success rates, leading technology, purpose built facilities, good communication, highly qualified fertility doctors, specialists and scientists. We encourage you to do your research and make an informed decision. Repromed offers the first appointment at no out of pocket expense to assist in the gathering of information.

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