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Information sessions

Prepring For Pregnancy

Repromed regularly holds free seminars and webinars in South Australia and the Northern Territory designed to give couples and individuals all of the information needed to start a family. The presentations cover a range of topics including;

• optimising natural conception
• timing of intercourse
• lifestyle factors
• vitamins and vaccinations
• smoking/alcohol and other drugs
• weight/age and the affect on fertility
• miscarriage
• causes and treatments of infertility
• Endometriosis
• Fertility Health Check
• when to seek help

All attendees can either email in questions prior or ask on the night. With a facility tour of the purpose built Dulwich clinic attendees leave feeling informed and supported.
Suitable for people at all stages in their fertility journey. Whether you are considering starting a family soon, are currently trying, have been trying for a while, have experience miscarriages or are currently doing fertility treatment these sessions are valuable for all.

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