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Research Laboratory and Zoos SA


Repromed is the only fertility unit in South Australia that has a dedicated reproductive research laboratory on site. The Research & Innovation Laboratory is in addition to Repromed’s State of the art Reproductive Laboratory, Andrology, Endocrine and Genetics Labs, located at Dulwich, South Australia. Closely aligned with the University of Adelaide School of Medicine, Robinson Institute, and the Uni of SA, the Repromed Research & Innovation Lab is staffed by a selection of Repromed Fertility Scientists and Post Doctoral Research Fellows along with University students undertaking PHD or Post Graduate research.

Our reproductive specialists have been working with the Adelaide Zoo Animal Health Department and other threatened species experts from the University of Adelaide to preserve the genetics of rare and endangered animals. Species conservation work has included Rhinoceros, Baboon, Rock Wallaby, Plains Rat and Hopping Mice, and more recently the breeding windows of the Giant Pandas.

Although our work with endangered animals is not our core focus, our team members are more than happy to donate their time and expertise to these collaborative and environmentally beneficial projects

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